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Teaching & Learning

All students will engage in learning experiences that empower them to become productive citizens of a diverse society who are committed to social and environmental justice.


To reach this goal, we will:


  1.  Ensure all students have access to a challenging, relevant and inclusive curriculum that helps them understand their world and build the knowledge and skills they need to shape their futures. 
  1. Students will participate in learning experiences that develop an understanding of world issues now and in the future. 
  1. Learning goals and curriculum resources will be historically accurate and culturally inclusive. 
  1. Students will develop transferable 21st-century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity. 
  1. Students will develop skills in: learning and innovation; information, media, and technology; and life and career. 
  1. We will incorporate into the K-12 curriculum opportunities for students to understand and think critically about current events, social justice, climate change, civic and social responsibility and other subjects important to their future.


  1. Ensure all students develop the skills and practices to become agile, self-directed learners who can challenge themselves and meet their goals. 
  1. Students will use goal-setting and personal reflection learning strategies to guide their individual learning. 
  1. Students will be empowered to identify interests and explore diverse personal pathways through courses, career exposure and opportunities. 
  1. Students will learn to take academic risks and become resilient, life-long learners.


  1. Ensure all educators foster student ownership over their learning through engaging instructional experiences. 
  1. Educators will develop instructional strategies that provide differentiated learning experiences for all students. 
  1. Educators will design and use assessment strategies to promote student growth for all. 
  1. Educators will develop student-centered lessons and offer opportunities for students to explore and develop areas of interest through expanded project-based learning and work-based learning. 
  1. Teachers will help students understand the importance of what they are learning and how it applies to the real world.


  1. Provide individualized learning that engages and meets the needs of our students. 
  1. Continue to build upon BISD's work to implement a Multi-tiered System of Support (MTSS) 


  1. Support educators in enhancing skills to create and use culturally responsive teaching practices to create learning experiences that promote student learning and growth for all students.

Teaching & Learning is one of the three focus areas of our District Improvement Plan. To learn more, click here to read the complete plan. 

A classroom of students with their teacher.