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Preschool Screening

If you are interested in preschool screening, contact the Bainbridge Island School District Special Education Early Childhood Coordinator, Mary-Beth Kobs, at 206-780-1479, with information regarding your child.  A telephone screening will be completed to gather information about your concerns.  Additional information about the screening process will be provided during this telephone interview.

The district will gather information (with your permission) from a variety of sources.  This may include a free screening and/or an evaluation appointment to assess areas of concern.  Preschool screenings occur once monthly from September through April.  Spaces are limited and an appointment is required.  At the screening, children are seen by a Speech Language Pathologist, an Occupational and Physical Therapist, an Early Childhood Special Education teacher, and a Nurse who screens vision and hearing.  In addition, a School Psychologist meets with parents to discuss social, emotional, and behavioral development as well as any other concerns.

If a child is found eligible for special education services, the following services may be provided based on the needs of the child:

  • Communication Development - The Speech and Language Pathologist may work with the child and family to develop an understanding of verbal language, increase complexity and appropriateness of expression, and promote clear articulation.
  • Motor Development - The Occupational Therapist and/or Physical Therapist may work with the child, family and education staff to design preschool activities that promote fine, gross, visual- and oral-motor skill development, as well as sensory-motor intervention.
  • Social/Self-Help/Pre-Academic Development - The child may be provided with a variety of developmentally appropriate activities designed to promote cognitive and self-help skills, as well as positive social interaction.  Intervention will be designed based on a child’s strengths and interests.


Please direct questions regarding special education and screening to:

Mary-Beth Kobs
Special Education Early Childhood Coordinator
Bainbridge Island School District
8489 Madison Ave NE
Bainbridge Island, WA 98110