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Here Comes the Bus App


  • View the real-time location of your child’s bus
  • Access the app from your smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Receive push notifications or email alerts
  • Send your child to the bus stop at the just right time, every time


Mornings can be a stressful time. Getting ready for work. Getting your kids ready for school. What if - at least when it comes to making sure your kids didn't miss the bus - you could remove any added stress? No more worrying at the office if they are standing in the dark, or cold, for an untold amount of time. No more worry if they've made it to school safely. And no more worry in the afternoons, wondering if they've made it home safely. 

With Here Comes The Bus, both you and your children will know when your bus has entered your neighborhood.  With a customizable map, you can see in real time exactly where your children's bus is located. And with your smartphone or tablet, you can even customize the Here Comes the Bus app to send you notifications when your bus is nearby.

Once you enroll, your students may also use your account on their smartphone to track the arrival time for their bus. 



How to get started

  1. Download the Here Comes the Bus app or visit the Here Comes the Bus website
  2. Click the Signup Button
  3. Enter school code 80799 and click “Next” followed by “Confirm”
  4. Complete the “User Profile” box
  5. Under “My Students” click “Add.” Enter your child’s last name and student ID number
  6. Once you confirm your information, you’re ready to begin using Here Comes the Bus.

Available at the App Store and Google Play. Here Comes the Bus is a registered trademark of Synovia Solutions LLC


Helpful Tips:

  • When signing up, please note that the student ID number can be found in your Skyward account.
  • If you have problems signing up for the service, please feel free to contact the transportation department at: and use the words Here Comes the Bus in the subject line. 
  • For Grades K-4: Students will be required to scan on and off the bus using the cards provided.  If a student loses their card, contact the transportation office and we will provide them with another card by sending it to their school office.
  • For Grades 5-12:  Scanning on and off the bus will be optional.  We will provide cards upon request, by sending them to the student's school. Requests may be made to
  • Using the app does not require scanning and will still allow you to see where the bus is located in relation to your stop and the school. Scanning the card allows the parent/guardian and transportation office staff to know a specific student has boarded and/or disembarked the bus.