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Rules & Regulations for Facility Use

1. Individuals, groups, and organizations are prohibited from discrimination if the activity being conducted in district facilities or on district grounds is open to the public.  Discrimination based on the following categories is strictly prohibited: race, color, sex, creed, religion, sexual orientation, ancestry, national origin, physical, sensory or mental disabilities.  The applicant/organization shall not practice discrimination of any kind.

2. The applicant/organization is responsible for the safety and conduct of its participants and spectators.

3. Satisfactory sponsorship and adequate adult supervision must be provided by the applicant at all times.  Security may be required for some activities.

4. Groups and individuals using facilities for special events and/or activities may be required to submit a certificate of insurance verifying proof of liability coverage.

5. All events will be required to meet the occupancy load.

6. Use of alcohol, tobacco and/or drugs is prohibited as defined by law and will result in the barred use of facilities.  Profane language and/or other objectionable conduct may result in barred use of facilities.

7. Firearms or other dangerous weapons are prohibited on school grounds as defined by law.

8. Games of chance, lotteries, and giving of door prizes are not allowed except where permitted by law and then only with proper permits.

9. Access to facilities and services, except as otherwise addressed in these rules, shall be limited to that specified on the application.

10. Alterations to the field/facility are prohibited without prior written approval.  This may include such things as hanging signs, erecting backstops, placing goals, using masking tape on walls and floors, etc.

11. District-owned equipment shall not be removed from the facility.  Groups or individuals cannot use district-owned expendable supplies without the prior written approval of the district.

12. Applicants are responsible for special set-up requirements and clean-up unless specifically requested in the application.  Users shall be responsible for returning the facility to its original condition immediately following the event.

13. Appropriate gym shoes are required for all activities on the uncovered floor of gymnasiums.

14. Cancellations by applicants require at least a 24-hour notice.  Otherwise, related actual costs of the district shall be borne by the applicant.

15. Facility use is canceled when the facility/building is closed due to and emergency or inclement weather.

16. The district reserves the right to revoke any authorization issued for the use of a school building or grounds and, if rental has been paid, to refund such rental, less expense incurred by the district.

Please use the following link for further information and access to District Policies & Procedures regarding community facility use

Rules for Use of Our Theater

  • No food or drinks inside the theater;

  • Maximum occupancy: Auditorium - 373, Stage - 158;

  • Please ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked at the end of each rental day;

  • Please clear the space of all trash or debris left by your group and its patrons;

  • Sets and staging cannot interfere with daily school usage.  Any items left on the stage for the duration of your group’s rental is subject to being relocated unless prior arrangements with the facility have been made; 

  • Beyond their initial reservation(s), all non-district BHS Theater users are required to coordinate their event with our Theater Manager.  Additional fees may apply;

  • The rental of the BHS Theater 250 does not include the usage of the Black Box Theater. This space is separate and its usage will require a separate reservation and additional fees.