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Emergency/Snow Bus Routes & Stops


Please take a moment to review the Snow Routes

Know Where Your Stop Is Before It Is Required 


  1. Many of the stops listed in these routes are different than the route you currently ride
  2. Many of the stops that exist in regular routes, DO NOT exist in Snow Routes
  3. Find the nearest cross street and be prepared to walk further to access an acceptable stop location
    • Buses will not stop on hills
  4. Many areas are not bus accessible during inclement weather
  5. Times are approximate as emergencies and inclement weather can affect driving conditions and time
  6. Be prepared for the weather. Please dress warmly with hats, gloves, coats and scarves
  7. Be Seen!  DO use a flashlight so the bus driver and other drivers can see you
  8. Please contact the Transportation Department if you have any questions about where your stop is located. You may reach us at (206)842-4641 or email us at