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Physical Therapy


School-based physical therapy is a related service provided to assist a child with an educational disability demonstrating gross motor challenges that would benefit from special education. School-based physical therapy focuses on a child's ability to move as independently as possible in the school environment. The school physical therapist evaluates the child's ability to move throughout the school and to participate in classroom activities.  The decision of whether a child with an educational disability qualifies for school physical therapy is made by a team. This team determines whether the child has an educational disability, has a need for special education, and requires related services such as physical therapy.


If a parent has a concern regarding a child’s motor development, they may speak to their child’s teacher or the building principal to request the Student Study Team to determine if screening and/or evaluation are recommended. Parents are invited to be included in all discussions of their child.


If a child needs physical therapy, the special education process will be followed to develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP) to outline the student’s specific needs. Therapy is provided at school within the school day, and is coordinated with other staff and programs. Therapists will create a special program of activities designed to meet the child’s needs and may include direct and/or indirect services, such as training with the staff regarding classroom adaptations that may benefit the child access to his general education.


MaryBeth Kobs