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Rental Instructions & Forms

  • BISD Facility Process Flow

Please follow the steps below to request a BISD facility rental.

  1. If you are a COMMUNITY MEMBER and would like to schedule a BISD facility room or field, please use the following link to agree to BISD's terms and conditions, and create an account with ML Schedules
  2. After requesting an account, in order to receive approved account access to ML Schedules, you should download and complete the following forms; Application to Use School Facilities / District Fields, a BISD Compliance Form, and submit a signed copy of both to the Facilities Office (Maintenance Facility 9445 NE New Brooklyn Rd) along with a Certificate of Insurance ($2 million general aggregate, $1 million/per occurrence) from your insurance company, listing Bainbridge Island School District as "additionally insured."  You may also scan and email your signed forms to Heather Patton, Facility Coordinator:  All community user groups, regardless of event or organization type, are required to turn in both a Certificate of Insurance and a signed Compliance form. 
    • Note: We understand that not all users have insurance that will cover their facility use. However, users may purchase special event insurance that will satisfy (at least) our minimum insurance requirements.  This type of insurance may be purchased through the Event Helper website, or through other insurance providers who offer insurance that meets the minimum requirements listed on our website.     
  3. Once you have created an account, turned in your Compliance and Insurance forms to the Facilities Office, you will receive an email with your login credentials.  You may then login and request your dates through ML Schedules
    • Note: BHS and Commodore fields are scheduled through "BHS" location.  All other school fields are to be scheduled under "Sports Fields/Parking Lots" location. 
  4. Successfully submitting a request does not mean your booking has been approved.  After submitting your request, you will receive a notification that your submission was successful.  Hang in there. 
  5. Once you receive an email acknowledging your event has been approved and activated, you may do the happy dance. 
  6. Please note that BISD school programs/activities always take precedence over any other scheduled event.  While the district does all it can to load school events into the calendar in advance, your approved schedule may still be subject to change and/or cancellation if a school program requires the use of that facility.  


If you would like to be contacted by email for our upcoming community scheduling workshops, please send your name, organization name, and email to


*Billing - Payment will be accepted after receiving a monthly invoice.

Specific forms are required for the rental of our facilities.  Please download each form and return via email to, or mail them to: Facilities Office, 9445 NE New Brooklyn Road, Bainbridge Island, WA 98110.