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School Counselors & Social Workers

School Counselors

BISD is fortunate to have an amazing and supportive counseling team and a social worker to assist our students. 

  • Elementary school counselors perform a variety of services which include classroom guidance lessons, acting as a liaison between general education and special education, providing crisis intervention, and meeting with families. School counselors facilitate collaboration with the principal, parents, teachers, and outside resources which allows them to focus on a student’s social-emotional growth and how this affects academic performance.


    School Counselor Email Phone
    Blakely Elementary School Amanda Keller 206-780-2076
    Ordway Elementary School Janette Dodge 206-780-1455
    x̌alilc (Halilts) Elementary School Katie Brase 206-780-3023
    Commodore Options School Ryan Abshere 206-855-0500
    Sakai Intermediate School

    Beth Hebert

    Anita Watson




  • School counselors at the middle school level are available to work with students, staff, and families on any issue or concern that may affect a student’s ability to focus on schoolwork to support students of all abilities as they strive to achieve social, emotional, and academic success. School counselors work individually or in groups with students to promote safety, self-advocacy, resiliency, and problem-solving skills while seeking to encourage and support students as they navigate the exciting experience of middle school.


    School Counselor Email Phone
    Woodward Middle School

    Patrica Beer

    Sue Constan



    Commodore Options School Ryan Abshere 206-855-0500
  • School counselors at Bainbridge High School and Eagle Harbor High School:

    • work in conjunction with the state and district goals and standards of raising and supporting student success;
    • are an integral component of the high school instructional programs focusing on the developmental needs of all students (academic, personal, social, and emotional);
    • serve as a liaison for administrators, staff, and parents to help students reach their full potential;
    • work to successfully transition students into and out of high school;
    • work collaboratively with community agencies and professionals.


    School Counselor   Email Phone
    Bainbridge High School Adam Ward Last names A-C, Running Start Seniors 206-780-1259
      Nicole Wescott Last names D - H 206-780-1359
      Krista Pall Last names I - Mc, Running Start Juniors 206-780-1367
      Lauren D'Amico Last names Me - Ri 206-855-0419
      Cara Tebo Last names Ro – Z 206-780-1376
    Eagle Harbor High School Ryan Abshere 206-855-0500

Social Worker

School social workers link school, home, and community in helping students achieve academic success. As part of an interdisciplinary team to help students succeed, school social workers also facilitate community involvement in the schools while advocating for student success.