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Outdoor Education Exploration Committee

Committee Information

2024 – 2025 Dates (Schedule Subject to Change)




Location: TBD

Facilitator: Whitney Skarbek, Director of Teaching & Learning


The Outdoor Education Exploration Committee will review our current Outdoor Education programs for our 4th grade students at Blakely, Ordway and x̌alilc; program location, experience and access.

Additionally, the committee will seek to understand benefits of this experience at the 4th grade-level vs. the potential opportunity being held at either the 5th or 6th grade level. This will include historical community context, funding source opportunities and relevance to district and building goals, state standards and curriculum. Lastly, the committee will explore whether or not an overnight experience is a key part of Outdoor Education programming, or if a day program could potentially be a better fit.

The committee will be composed of representatives from:

  • 4th-6th grade staff
  • BIEA
  • Nursing staff,
  • Special education staff
  • Community members and parents/guardians