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Bring Your Own Device

The Bainbridge Island School District (BISD) supplies Chromebooks to students for educational purposes, however for students in grades 5-12, the use of personally-owned devices (including personal laptops) is permitted within specific parameters. The practice of bringing a personally owned device to school for school work is called Bring Your Own Device or BYOD.
Participation in BYOD is completely voluntary for staff and students. BYOD can not be required for teachers or for students. In most cases, the teacher will communicate information to students and their families about the opportunity for BYOD based on educational goals in the classroom. Students and parents must sign a Responsible Use of Electronic Resources Agreement, and teachers and their students may develop a classroom agreement to further clarify BYOD parameters. If at anytime, parents/guardians have questions about BYOD for their child, please contact your child's teacher or the school principal.
BISD has open Guest WIFI to support the use of personally owned devices on our campuses. For security reasons, all non-BISD devices must use the open Guest WIFI. All use of the BISD network must be in compliance with the district's policies and procedures.

Use of a personal device on school property is a privelege. Any student in violation of of the Resonsible Use of Electronic Resources Agreement or other school policy may lose their BYOD pirvelege and be required to use a district issued device. 

Click here to view more General Information about the BYOD iniative


  • Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) allows students to bring a personally owned computing device to school for educational purposes. Students can connect their device to the school district’s wireless Internet connection.

  • Online resources and technology are essential to learning in today’s world. Students need to develop expertise in the use of technology devices and online resources. BYOD will provide increased access to the tools students use to locate information and learning resources, when and where they need them.

  • Parents choose to allow their child to bring or not to bring a device to school. Students choose to bring or not to bring their own device to school. Teachers decide if and when it is appropriate to use personally owned devices in class and during school activities. The ultimate decision for use in the classroom and in the school lies with the school staff and will be based on the educational needs and learning goals for students. If a device is brought to school, the student takes full responsibility for its safety and use as an educational resource tool. A student cannot be required to bring a personally owned device to school.

  • If a student brings a personally owned device to school, the student must use the school district’s Internet connection during school hours and school activities. Based on the Children’s Internet Act (CIPA), school districts are required to filter some content for students. The BISD wireless network will have the required filters in place.

  • All students and parent/guardians sign the BISD Electronic Resources User Agreement, which outlines the responsibilities for safe and effective use of technology at school. The agreement and related school board policies are on the district’s website.