Family Access: Where to log-in

Family Access: Where to log-in

Attention Commodore Families:

Since we’ve updated our website, some of the log-in links have been rearranged. The SIGN-IN box at the very top of the page is for staff to log-in to the website and is not a Skyward/Family Access link.

You can log-in to Skyward from any of these options:

  • Scroll to the middle of the page where it says POPULAR LINKS and select the Skyward/Family Access button (near the center of the page).
  • There’s also a Skyward/Family Access on the left-hand side of the page, under SITE SHORTCUTS.
  • And at the bottom of every page (in the footer region) there is a Skyward/Family Access login.

If you still aren't able to sign-in, please contact Michelle Hope in Commodore's front office.