What does the Technology Levy support?

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Technology and the Tech Levy impacts almost every aspect of BISD’s Teaching & Learning:
- Provides student devices (1:1 ratio in grades 3-12) and services for device management
- Provides interactive presentation spaces in the classroom (computer, projection/touch flat panel display, voice amplification, etc.)
- Supplies software & services in support for school libraries (Destiny, e-books) and distance learning tools (Screencastify, Kami Pro)
- Provides assistive technologies for students’ with special needs

The Tech Levy also helps BISD’s productivity, communication & infrastructure such as:

- Software & services for productivity & communication (MS Office, Adobe, Remind, remote Windows access, etc.)
- Internet service, networking systems and related services for cyber-safety and cyber-security
- Technology for core school operations (computers, printers, phones, etc.)
- Technology Professional Development
- 65% of district technology staff (payroll)