I’ve heard reports that BISD enrollment is down. Why do you still need funding from levies?

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Compared to the 2019-20 school year, BISD is down approximately 200 students. Of those students, more than 30% are being independently homeschooled and almost 20% transferred to a private school in Kitsap County. We anticipate that many of the students who left during this challenging year will reenroll once our schools return to normal operations. This Enrichment Levy will support BISD in the future —  2022-2024.

It should be noted that thanks to the generosity of the Bainbridge Island Community and its passing of the current levy, BISD was in a good position to cover the unexpected expenses due to COVID-19. Through December 2019, BISD has spent an estimated $958,848 responding to the pandemic. 

These expenses include:

  • Supplies (cleaning materials, handwashing stations, thermometer kiosks, etc.)
  • Personal protective equipment (face masks, safety glasses and gloves, office shields)
  • Staff (teams developed plans before the start of the school year, COVID-19 monitors at every school site)