16. How will this levy improve school security?

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School safety is a district priority. 

When constructing new buildings, BISD implements guiding principles set by Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED). These guidelines provide for safer learning environments while maintaining a welcoming and engaging atmosphere.

Examples of CPTED:

  • The single-point of entry at the new Blakely Elementary building will funnel all visitors through the front office.
  • The design for the 100 Building improves sight lines and visibility, which fosters natural surveillance — a key component in deterring crime and poor behavior.

In 2016, Consultants completed a security needs-assessment of our campuses, and BISD continues to work through their recommendations to improve security district-wide.

The 2019 levy provides additional funding for BISD to continue working through the recommended security measures such as:

  • Installing visual notifiers in places where alarms and intercoms can be difficult to hear or non existent (gymnasiums, music and band rooms)
  • Controlling access to buildings by implementing a keyless controlled entry system (a standard with new buildings at Wilkes and Blakely)
  • Defining school perimeters with strategically placed fencing and landscaping
  • Additional security cameras  

Over the past three years, BISD has spent more than $330,000 on security upgrades such as:

  • Security cameras & intercom system for school entries
  • Digital Radios (closed-circuit; can tie-in to the police department)
  • Moving the attendance office at BHS to allow for increased monitoring of the campus