6. Why doesn’t the district put the projects on hold & wait for the construction industry to slow?

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This would only provide a temporary solution and it comes with a cost.

  • Given the current condition of the BHS 100 Building, the district would need to invest capital dollars into patching and repairing many areas, including roof replacement and infrastructure (fire, electrical, structural) improvements. This would only provide temporary solutions and the buildings would still need to eventually be replaced.  
  • Postponing new construction by repairing the old buildings does not improve educational spaces nor support 21st Century Learning. All students who graduate from BISD are required to take classes in the 100 Building. Having  optimal learning spaces greatly impact the success of our students.
  • Due to increases in population in the greater-Seattle area and aging school buildings, school districts have passed $5 billion in school bonds in recent years with billions more coming to voters over the next few years. It is unlikely that the market will soften anytime in the near future.