5. Along with unprecedented escalation , are there other factors that attribute to the shortfall?

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Yes. Additional factors include:

  • Conservative request to taxpayers in 2016 (to maintain tax stability)
  • Lower fund balance due to prioritizing essential renovations
  • Did not receive class size reduction grant ($1.2M)
  • State Match eligibility for BHS project —  OSPI Calculation was reduced to $1.75 million (In October 2015, the district was told it would receive $2.6 million.)
  • Competition in school construction market due to billions of bonds approved in the greater Seattle area
  • New city and state code revisions
  • Kitsap County Sales Tax Increase (0.03%)

Our current cost estimates project a $10.2 million shortfall, which will be covered by the $15 million levy. In addition, the levy provides funding for district-wide security upgrades and essential renovations through 2025.