Stone Fox.........gulp & sigh

Posted by Martha Wells on 3/16/2020 1:15:00 PM

We finished reading Stone Fox.  So I want to make sure that the students who have been reading the novel have the opportunity to finish it--PLEASE be aware that the last chapter is shocking with the death of Searchlight--I suggest you read it together.   The larger question we discussed:  Was Searchlight's death worth saving the farm?  (the kids all said NO!!!) Also, we talked about the role of the protagonist and antagonist and  contemplated if characters can change roles in a story--especially Stone Fox.   
What we were going to do with Stone Fox next week:
watch the movie, Stone Fox 2  
and then write and Compare and Contrast essay about  Little Willy or Stone Fox or the book to the movie (student choice)
resources for compare contrast:
please let me know which they like better, the book or the movie.......
Martha Wells
MOSAIC K-8 Home Education Partnership

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Preview YouTube video Stone Fox (1987) (TV Movie) Buddy Ebsen, Joey Cramer
Stone Fox (1987) (TV Movie) Buddy Ebsen, Joey Cramer