Clouds can predict the weather

Posted by Martha Wells on 11/25/2019 12:00:00 PM

We have been busy with two science concepts: how clouds can help us predict the weather and the water cycle.  We have been reading non-fiction and taking notes, watching Mystery Science YouTubes and discussing the different kinds of clouds and the weather they bring.  We have learned that the size and location of clouds help us understand the weather.  Cirrus, Stratus and Cumulus are the three main cloud types and within those groups there are many other combination clouds like altocumulus, cumulonimbus, stratonimbus, and cumulus congestus.  

We started studying the water cycle with a lab of making a water cycle in a Ziplock bag and tapping it to the outside window.  We have been making observations and documenting what we have seen--a lot of evaporation and condensation on the side of the bags.

We did a lab: Gas Lab about evaporation.  Please ask your scientist about it.