Balloon animals and Why Little Things Are Big - an essay by Jesus Colon

Posted by Joelle Cowan on 12/20/2019 3:00:00 PM

Within the past few class sessions, we've had some wonderful opportunities to learn new crafting skills! We all contributed our creative energies toward luminary bags that were featured at the Parks and Rec Winter Wonderland. Then, one of our wonderful 8th graders led us all on a balloon animal lesson! Lovely flowers and dogs were created under her able leadership. 

We've also continued our thoughtful work on stereotypes, identity, single stories, and the ways these ideas can collide and have a big impact. We underscored this by reading Little Things Are Big by Jesus Colon and reflecting on how we might have reacted to his momentary dilemma. 

We'll be diving right back into this tricky topic after we return from break, when we tackle the big ideas represented in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.