March 8, 2011 Minutes and Meeting Materials

District Budget Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes

Date: March 8, 2011

Place: Bainbridge High School Library

Time: 5:30 PM

Superintendent Faith Chapel distributed an updated 3-year history of budget adjustments from 2008 through 2011 for committee review. It was noted budget adjustments for that period totaled $4.6 million. Ms. Chapel also shared information gathered at a recent legislative conference in Olympia and highlighted elements of a presentation provided by Washington State's Chief Economist. The next state economic update is due March 17th and it is anticipated the state budget deficit will be $40 million lower than previous projections, and it is likely that some of the elements in the Governor's budget will be implemented. Early action has been taken by the Senate and the House on the deficits from the current year, which includes 80% of the K-4 staffing funds ($300K for BISD). They did not, however, eliminate the current year's Highly Capable funding ($35K for BISD). For the next biennium, the Governor's budget eliminates K-4 funding as well as funding for the Highly Capable program. There is also a change in funding for Transportation, which includes a delay in bus depreciation payments until the end of the depreciation period. Districts have typically used the annual depreciation funds to make payments on their bus fleet. Under the current scenario, Ms. Chapel noted the projected budget deficit for the district remains in the $1.1 - $1.2 million range. With the support of the Bainbridge Schools Foundation, the target budget deficit will be a minimum of $700K. The group briefly discussed the possibility of the Legislature reducing the number of school days. It was noted any legislation related to this item would leave a reduction in school days up to the individual school districts, and not be implemented from the state. Committee members suggested this and other "hard questions" be included in a survey about the district' budget planning.

Ms. Chapel provided the committee with a draft of the Budget Development Strategic Assumptions document, which included budget options, challenges, and guidelines to be considered during the budget planning process. Committee members were asked to submit to Ms. Chapel, any additional information they felt should be included in the assumptions document.

Committee members were provided with an updated 2011-2012 General Fund Budget Adjustments list, originally reviewed at the February 15th DBAC meeting. The list included subcommittee budget reduction strategies previously suggested but not implemented. In addition, committee members received a list of budget reductions generated by the District Administrative Team as options to be considered. Items listed as considerations included: a) Reduction of certificated staff to align with projected enrollment (3 FTE - 2.5 FTE for K-12, 0.5 FTE Sakai specialist); b) Possible reduction of 1 FTE custodian; c) Possible reduction of Library staffing (up to 33.75 FTE - staffing must be maintained in Gr. K-4 to provide planning time - minimum of 0.5 FTE per elementary school); d) Possible reduction of K-6 counselors (up to 4 FTE); e) Possible increase in class size, Gr. 5-12; and f) Anticipated reduction in facility fees (stormwater) and increased rental revenue (up to $40,000). It was suggested that the "extra days" - days over and above the 180 school year - that are included in some contracts be considered for reduction. As this is a negotiated item, it would require discussions with the associations. Another suggested consideration was the possibility of a tuition-based seventh period at the high school. Noting that Transportation and Athletics had been suggested as possible targets for reduction in previous budget planning discussions, Ms. Chapel asked Transportation Director Cami Dombkowski and Bainbridge High School Principal Brent Peterson to provide background and information specific to those areas. Following the information about Transportation and Athletics, Ms. Chapel asked committee members to divide into two groups to review the brainstorm list from the February 15th DBAC meeting, as well as the Administrative Team considerations. The task given to each group was to determine those options and considerations that should be moved forward to the next meeting, and indicate what additional information is needed regarding those items. The two groups reviewed the information for approximately twenty minutes, with the feedback from each group submitted to the superintendent to be brought back to the March 22 DBAC meeting for further analysis.

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