April 11, 2011 Meeting Minutes and Materials

District Budget Advisory Committee
Meeting Minutes

Date: April 19, 2011

Place: Bainbridge High School Library

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Superintendent Faith Chapel shared the April 13th edition of This Week In Olympia (TWIO) published by the Washington Association of School Administrators. This special edition of TWIO provided an overview of the 2011-13 Senate operating budget proposal released last week. The Senate's budget proposal makes major reductions across all of the state government. Faith reviewed several of the cuts to K-12 education, which includes suspension of I-728 (Student Achievement Fund) allocations, suspension of the I-732 cost-of-living adjustments, reduction of K-12 employees' salary allocations by three percent, elimination of the funding for K-4 class size reduction, and reduction in funding for Alternative Learning Experience Programs by ten percent. In exchange for removing the provision that adjusted enrollment data by a daily attendance factor to account for students with unexcused absence, the Senate adopted a proposal that shifts annual bus depreciation payments to a lump sum at the end of the cycle. After reviewing the Senate's budget proposal, Ms. Chapel distributed the revised preliminary estimate of the district's 2011-13 General Fund budget gap. The estimate now includes the state allocation reductions proposed by the Governor, House of Representatives and Senate. It was noted that the Senate proposal of a 3% employee salary reduction would add $500K to the district's budget gap, bringing the total to $1.7M - $1.8M. The regular legislative session is scheduled to end on April 24th. However, with no operating budget finalized it is assured a special session will be called.

Ms. Chapel asked Bainbridge Schools Foundation Executive Director Vicky Marsing to briefly talk about the Foundation's latest fundraising campaign. The Foundation launched its Dollar A Day campaign in an effort to offset the district's budget deficit for the 2011-12 school year. They are asking parents to donate a dollar a day per student for one year. Ms. Marsing also noted that the Foundation Board voted to pledge $500K to support the district, and the Spring Breakfast featuring Karl Marlantes raised over $60K.

Ms. Chapel presented the results of the budget information and input survey that gathered input from parents, community members, and staff about the unprecedented state and federal funding challenges. (Results will be posted on the district's website.) Survey participants were asked to review descriptions of several potential budget reductions and rate each category on a 5-point scale with 1 indicating reduce as little as possible all the way to a 5 indicating reduce as much as possible. The results were rank ordered as priorities to maintain as follows: 1) Class Size Gr. K-4; 2) Class Size Gr. 5-6; 3) Class Size Gr. 7-12; 4) Gr. K-4 Library Program; 5) Gr. 5-6 Counseling Program; 6) Gr. K-4 Counseling Program; 7) Gr. 5-12 Library Program; 8) Custodial Program; 9) Reduction in number of school days; 10) Gr. 7-12 Athletic Program. Following the review of the survey data, committee members were asked to move into two groups to discuss and review the survey data, and identify categories to be considered for reduction with the goal of $500K or $1M, depending on final legislative action. Groups worked together for most of the meeting, coming back into the larger group to share the outcome of their discussion and review. This information will be collated and sent to committee members.

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