Progress and Creativity

Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 3/13/2015

   We have been making a lot of progress with our Art Work, completing our Notan art pieces in 5-8 Odyssey, adding details to our Gustav Klimt inspired paintings in 3/4 Odyssey and exploring color with paint, mixing, primary colors to create secondary colors with a bouquet of flowers in the Odyssey1/2s.
   I also showed a video clip,  Embrace the Shake, a TED talk by Phil Hansen that explores creativity. Afterwards I asked my students what they that creativity was? Here are some of their answers: "Creativity is the ability to form new thoughts and ideas. It is what allows us to be imaginative and free thinkers. It separates us from machines and animals; it is what makes us human." - Naomi 7th gr.
"Creativity is expression and thoughts brought into the physical world." Jessie  8th gr,  "Creativity is when you are trying to think of what to make, some thing, when suddenly you have an idea, a really cool idea." Lucas 8th gr. I was incredibly awed by our students and what they had to say. I am thinking it may become part of a graphic poster assignment.
   Mosaic: 6-8 continuing with their play props, see photos. A big Thank You to Ryan at Sears for the cardboard. K-2 are making Viking Helmuts, 3-4 have just completed their Viking Collage Characters and will be making a Viking Jewelry piece.
Mini Glass Bending class will be putting their glass pieces together for a mobile if they chose. A BIG THANK YOU to VAL HOIT for assisting me today since Doug is not able to attend. HAPPY ST. PATS DAY EARLY!