Notan and Paper Mache

Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 3/2/2015

     As March comes in like a lion, (a bit chilly still) I can hardly wait until it goes out like a lamb. The older students in Odyssey have been working on Notan, a Japanese design concept that works with Positive/Negative Space, contrast and balance. The younger students looked at Matisse and did some collage work and the middle students are creating Gustav Klimt inspired paintings.
   Our older Mosaic group is paper mache-ing away creating props for the Viking play, the 3-5 group is collaging Viking characters and the K-2 group are finishing up their Viking shields. We have been busy. On Fridays for the next couple of weeks I have/am assisting Doug Olsen with a Science/Art glass bending unit. (a little stressful but very fun). 
   As the weather warms, I hope to do some botanical drawings outside in the garden.  And I feel some Okeefe flowers in our future.  
I can always use help taking down and putting up art work and cleaning if you have time to spare I would love to see you.