Beware, Here be Dragons

Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 2/6/2015

     Take time to enter the Hall of Dragons also known as the "wooden floor hallway" outside of Odyssey 1-6 and the Hallway outside of our Music room, In honor of Chinese Newyear we have drawn Dragons in Mosaic K-5 and Odyssey 1-4. The K-2 Mosaic and 1-2 Odyssey created paper lanterns to add to the ambiance. Chinese New Year follows a lunar calendar and this year happens Feb. 19th. Following our Martin Luther King art  piece,  the Odyssey 5-8 grades folded 1000 paper cranes! The legend of a 1000 paper cranes and the story of Sadoko can also be found in the Wooden floor Hall.  We are predicting an excellent 2015 having achieved this feat.  Special Thank you to everyone who helped me hang the art work. Emma Morris, Val Hoit, Shelby Fargo!