Supporting the Arts

Posted by Margaret Hitchcock on 1/15/2015

     In this era of STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) it is nice to add an A for the Arts. Most school districts find Art to be superfluous. It is always the first to go in budget cuts and in our state there are not too many art specialists. I am grateful to be at BISD where the arts are fostered and supported. Why? maybe because BISD realizes  the arts are motivating for some students, The Arts are a way of communicating. The Arts foster divergent thinking and creativity. The Arts teach perseverance. The Arts help to create Community. This year I have had the opportunity to work with K-8 students and to support  art at EHHS. It is very rewarding to see the HS students work, I posted a few pictures. Our building is also coming together to create a work of art to honor Marting Luther King, check back in a few days for a photograph or better stop by and watch it unfold in the Wooden floor hallway by Odyssey 1-6. Also, in the spirit of Russel Wilson, "GO ARTS!"