First days of PE at Sakai

Posted by Sally Frease on 8/27/2014

We are excited to begin a new school year at Sakai! 
Kids =  Remember to wear appropriate PE clothes and shoes this first week of school so you can fully enjoy PE class.
Parents =  Your student will have a PE class 2 or more days each week; please help them remember to be prepared for activity.  Also, it is helpful to put their names on any jackets and/or sweatshirts so those don't get lost!!
Sakai PE classes are filled with many low-skill, high intensity games and activities.  Students are encouraged to KEEP THE P.A.C.E. We expect them to participate to the best of their ability, bring a positive attitude, cooperate with teachers and other students, and put our their best effort each day.  
We are looking forward to a full year of exploring fun new ways to exercise!