By Washington State law (RCW 9.41.280), it is unlawful for any person to possess on, or to carry onto any public or private school premises, including school district buildings, grounds, or vehicles, any firearm or dangerous weapon as defined in RCW 9.41.250 (i.e., slung shot, sand club, metal knuckles, dagger, dirk, any knife, or other dangerous weapon), or any of the following devices, “nun-chu-ka sticks”, “throwing stars”, or air gun (any air pistol or air rifle).

According to school district policy and procedure, students (knowingly or unknowingly) involved in such a gross misdemeanor shall be expelled. Possession of look-alike weapons or other dangerous instruments will be subject to disciplinary actions ranging from school discipline to suspension or expulsion.

For more information about this subject, see district policies and procedures:

Policy/Procedure 3240: Student Conduct
Policy/Procedure 3241: Classroom Management, Corrective Actions and Sanctions