Student Discipline

In order to provide a safe educational environment and one that is conducive to effective student learning, all students who attend the district’s schools will comply with the written policies, rules, and regulations of the schools. Therefore, a student who willfully performs any act that interferes with or is detrimental to the orderly operation of school, a school-sponsored activity (on or off campus), or any other aspect of the education process within the school district, will be subject to discipline, including suspension or expulsion. Such acts include, but not be limited to, those explained in policies and procedures 3200, 3240 and 3241.

Guidelines are in effect to establish a range of corrective actions that may be imposed as a consequence of violations of standards for student conduct.

For the purposes of the district’s policies relating to corrective action or sanction:

  • Expulsion is the exclusion from school or individual classes for an indefinite period
  • Suspension is the exclusion from school or individual classes for a specific period of time, after which the student has a right to return
  • Discipline constitutes all other forms of corrective action or sanction, including brief exclusions from a class for not more than the remainder of the class period, and/or exclusion from any other type of activity conducted by or for the district

BISD School Board Policy 3200; BISD School Board Policy 3241 and Procedure 3241 outlines the district’s policy on student discipline.