Integrated Pest and Vegetation Management

BISD has an Integrated Vegetation and Pest Management Program (IPM) with a policy and procedure that: inform the community; consider community values in establishing standards of maintenance for school district properties; utilize an ecological approach, and minimize the use of pesticides and the risk to human health and the environment. 


Where practical, organic methods are implemented before chemical controls are used, so that pests are kept at acceptable levels through effective, economical, and environmentally safe means.


The chart below lists the names of compounds classified as Category 3, and approximate date of application throughout the school year from Sept. 2022 — Aug. 2023. 


The procedure adopted by the school district requires that at least 48 hours of notice be given to schools and school communities where herbicide or pesticide applications are scheduled. 








Stinging Insect Eradication

As needed by maintenance

Contrac Blox


Rodent Eradication

As needed by exterminator

Dipel DF (Biological insecticide)


Control Tent Caterpillars

As needed by maintenance



Noxious Weed –Tansy Ragwort & Knotweed Control

July or August by Kitsap Noxious Weed Control

Compliance also includes:

  • Updating the IPM Hotline (206-780-1885)

  • Posting signs at the application site and providing a communication labeled “NOTICE: PESTICIDE APPLICATION” and  including; the pesticide product name, intended time and date of application, naming the specific location of the application, identifying the pest to be controlled, including contact names and numbers of the applicator, and listing the IPM hotline number

  • Displaying the communication notice in a prominent place in the front office of the school affected, as well as on the school’s public calendar for 24 hours after the application, and posting all signs for 24 hours after application, or longer, depending on the product label. 

Exceptions to the previous procedure are:

  • In the case of an immediate threat to public safety, public health or the environment requiring quick action, such as the control of stinging insects, notices will be posted after the application

  • Use of disinfectants to control microbial pests

  • Placement of insect or rodent bait stations not accessible to students

  • School holidays when the school is unoccupied by students for 48 hours following the application


BISD School Board Policy 6522 and Procedure 6522 outline the district’s policy on integrated pest management. BISD is required to provide annual notice of its Integrated Pest Management Statement.

Updated August 2022