Student and Interscholastic Activities Code of Conduct

Interscholastic Activities Code of Conduct places reasonable standards and high-levels of expectations on students who participate in student or interscholastic activities and represent their schools. The same Code of Conduct applies to all school-sponsored activities, groups and sports teams that represent a school. 


All participants are expected to conform to specific conduct standards and to honor the Code of Conduct expectations 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, in and out of any specific activity or sports season. Consequences occur for the student who violates the Code of Conduct outright or participates in “undesirable conduct.” Confirmed violations of the Code that occur “out of season” will result in the appropriate consequence beginning at the start of the next activity season. 

Confirmed violation of the Code involving the use or possession of alcohol, tobacco and/or any illegal drug will result in removal of the participant from their activity/team. The duration of removal is based on the number of offenses and ranges from 15 days to the rest of the student’s high school career.
BISD School Board Policy 2150 and Procedure 2150; BISD School Board Policy 2151 and Procedure 2151 outlines the district’s policy on student activities and code of conduct.

BISD is required to provide annual notice of its Student and Interscholastic Activities Code of Conduct.

Updated July 2021