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BISD STRONG Awards Announced: Winter 2024

Eleven individuals received the BISD STRONG Award for Winter 2024 (scheduling the surprise award ceremonies took a Herculean effort — it is a big puzzle to coordinate schedules so it took a while to complete the process). Please join us in congratulating these well-deserving winners!

Nominations for the Spring 2024 BISD STRONG Award closed on May 1, 2024, and nomination letters and certificates were sent out this week. Stay tuned to hear who won! 


Jennifer Rose

  • She truly cares about her students and goes above and beyond.  

  • She cares about her students, not only how they are in the classroom academically but also on a personal level. 

  • Ms. Rose approaches everyone (student, colleague, family) with warmth and kindness.  She is intentional in her nurturing of equity in the classroom and among her community. 

  • Ms. Rose reminds all students and families that "all kids come to school to learn and everyone is working on something. Some students are working on standing up for themselves, some are working on reading, some are working on making friends, some are working on how to be part of a group, etc." I think this is a great way to communicate to even the youngest learners that we all have different challenges and it sets a foundation for better understanding in a classroom and larger community.

  • Each day she nurtures her students’ hearts and minds in myriad ways. She believes in each of her students and lets them know she has high expectations while also being a soft place for them to land. 

  • Words used to describe you include: Warm, Kind, Respectful, Engaged, Lovely, Safe, Caring, Talented, Professional, Funny, Resilient 

Kelly de Guzman

  • Kelly is my colleague and every day we laugh, collaborate, and problem-solve. How lucky I am to have her!

  • She is masterful in how she approaches her work as a teacher. She understands her students, how to teach simply and elegantly, and how to create successful scenarios for kids who need help socially and academically. 

  • Kelly knows how to make kids feel safe, heard, and capable. She gives great advice, and she jumps in to help all the time. 

  • She is humble, brilliant, and fun to be around.

  • Words used to describe you: Generous, Empathetic, Talented, Organized, Funny, Warm, Caring, Smart

Christy Remedios

  • Christy is a dedicated BISD parent, PTO leader and community member.

  • She has volunteered tirelessly —for Sakai Intermediate as PTO copresident, as past x̌alilc PTO copresident, and in her role as PTO Coordinating council Secretary for all of BISD, Christy has given back to the entire BISD community. We are lucky to have her!!

  • Words used to describe you include: Positive, kind, inclusive, dedicated volunteer & leader


Emily Hancock

  • Emily has always had such a big heart, and truly brings our school together. 

  • Emily works hard as one of the leaders of the EHHS leadership team. She creates plans, prepares, and enacts them. Emily provides comfort and energy, and is one of the most empathetic humans on the planet. 

  • She stuck by my side when I needed her most, and provided me with the support I needed to get out of a tough mental place. 

  • Emily has been serving our school from day one, and works hard to make everyone feel welcome and heard. 

  • Words used to describe you: Empathetic, compassionate, strong


Camille Heidemann

  • Camille is an incredible example of a kind, inclusive and positive leader in the high school community.

  • Camille is someone who lights up every room she walks into. She is compassionate, and welcoming to everyone she comes in contact with. Her positive energy is infectious. She makes BHS better!

  • Camille is a Spirit Squad Captain for the cheer program is also the president of Circle of Friends at the High School. She is a natural leader and is always inclusive of those around her and seeks out students who she feels are not being included.  

  • Camille always wants to show others her appreciation for them- whether baking cookies for the office staff, or being there for a friend, she always shows gratitude and kindness towards others.

  • Words used to describe you include: Thoughtful, generous, inclusive, positive, ambitious, kindhearted, respectful, supportive

Sharon Tu’inukaufe

  • Sharon shows us all - colleagues and students alike - what it's like to live by your principles. An unwavering commitment to equity and empowerment guides her teaching and her leadership. 

  • Strong Heart: Sharon is committed to the well-being of every student. She teaches AP Chemistry to ambitious science-minded kids and supports them through the intense preparation that demands, and she has built a phenomenal Forensic Science program that not only gets students really excited about science but also gives them opportunities to develop skills they need to understand their world, such recognizing how bias shapes our perspective. I often think that the most important conversations in our school are happening in Forensics because Sharon has the knowledge and the courage to bring up difficult topics -- and she knows how important it is to do so. 

  • Strong Minds: First of all, Sharon herself is so smart and so committed to learning. She embeds current events into her courses, engages in a continual process of reflection and improvement in her teaching practice, and is always bringing new resources forward to our equity meetings. She also believes in the potential of every one of her students, and they can sense this. With Sharon's support, they build their own knowledge and confidence. 

  • Strong Community: Because she wants to see change at BHS, she took on the role of Equity Lead, and she has been visionary and tenacious in that role. She meets regularly with administrators, hosts thoughtfully planned meetings for colleagues, and leads really effective staff PD. As the chair of the science department, she led her team through processes to align their curriculum, instruction, and assessment, resulting in science experiences that were more engaging and accessible to students. She wants our community to be stronger and more equitable, and she's willing to work to make that happen. 

  • Words used to describe you include: Courageous, committed, brilliant, funny, principled

Taylor Adcock 

  • Taylor is an inspiring person. Always full of warmth and kindness, she truly represents BISD strong. 

  • She embodied a strong community with her relentless attempts on the high school cross country team to welcome any and all freshmen into the community, introducing them to other members of the team.

  • She shows her strong heart with her passion for reaching out. Whenever someone was alone or feeling done, Taylor was there. Whenever someone was having trouble, she cheered them up by singing One Direction or Harry Styles. 

  • She's always there to answer questions when needed and when she doesn't have an answer she'll make sure to find one.

  • Taylor deserves this award because she would never expect someone to nominate her for this. She is too humble to even realize that she represents any of the BISD's strong qualities much less deserves an award for it! 

  • Words used to describe you include: Kind, caring, inspiring and friendly 



Anna Daniels

  • Anna is committed to the success of Food Service. 

  • She is an absolutely amazing support to all of the staff. 

  • She is a strong leader and encompasses all things that BISD Strong represents.

  • She is compassionate, thoughtful, committed to student nutrition and is working directly with the farmers to help navigate our Farm to School program.

  • What Anna brings to the table is so much more than one would expect. She is the glue that allows all of us to do our job. 

  • Words used to describe you include: Kind, Honest, Compassionate, Intelligent, Team Player, Amazing



Sally Corcoran

  • Sally is so very helpful all over our school building. Her support for the students and staff this year has really helped our school days be successful.

  • Sally has been tremendously strong and supportive when we have challenging days. Her calm voice and smile always help our students when they need it.

  • She is my calm.

  • Words used to describe you: Awesome, calm, happy, energized, supportive and so many more to name, Sally is wonderful.

Kourtney Maka

  • Ms. Maka is kind and helpful.

  • I am nominating her for her unwavering dedication to students who need to learn things a bit differently. It has changed my child's life. She cares so deeply about her responsibility to be a mentor to the kids in her charge, she is truly changing lives.

  • My child didn’t like going to school because of their reading level, with her support and extra time, they are finally not only catching up but excited about school. She has even found different strategies that work for my child because the usual things were not working. 

  • In third grade, she helped me with my writing work.  She makes me feel happy and like I can do things. 

  • Words used to describe you include: Nice, kind, helpful, patient, caring 

David Chandler

  • David is a hard worker and very helpful

  • He was especially helpful with the logistics for the Name Celebration at x̌alilc(Halilts) and was willing to do what was needed to make sure everything went well. 

  • Words used to describe you include: Nice, gentle and helpful