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Budget Concerns for 2024-25

Dear BISD Community,

At the October 26th school board meeting, I shared an update regarding the 2024-25 school year budget and our anticipated challenges. 

I want to share the outlook with you, and the most efficient way to share the message is through a video. The video provides a brief overview of our budget history, the variables at play when developing our budget and our financial picture for next school year. (Here are the slides from the video for your reference.) 

The video will undoubtedly bring up questions. Since many people will have similar budget-related questions, please submit your questions via this form.  We will use the submitted questions to create an FAQ document and share it with you in the next few weeks. 

In addition, it may be helpful to review previous budget videos as they explain how BISD is funded:

The intent in sharing this information with you today is to open the dialog transparently and to share with you that I am committed to engaging in conversations, finding creative solutions, and, most of all, maintaining BISD’s high-caliber education. 

In partnership, 

Peter Bang-Knudsen