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BISD Board Approves Resolution in Support of LGBTQ+ Students

BISD believes in fostering an educational environment that is safe and free of discrimination for all students, regardless of sex, gender identity, or gender expression.

BISD's District Improvement Plan includes goals and strategies to help BISD be a place of belonging. The items outlined below are directly from the DIP.

  • Bainbridge Island School District will ensure our students feel honored, welcomed, respected, and connected. We are committed to embracing and honoring our island's diversity and creating a vibrant and inclusive community. (From the Equity, Anti-Racism, Inclusion, Diversity and Justice Goal; pg 4.)
  • Create an inclusive community where all students feel safe, are honored and see their identities represented.
    • Implement initiatives that appreciate and honor all students in books, curriculum, projects and activities starting in elementary school (e.g., books representing disability, race, LGBTQ, neurodiversity, etc.; LGBTQ alliances, allyship programs). (From strategies to support the Equity, Anti-Racism, Inclusion, Diversity and Justice Goal; pg 4.)
In order to help BISD reach its goals, the BISD School Board approved Resolution 11-22-23 at last week's meeting. (You can view the meeting via this link. The segment of the meeting regarding the resolution begins around the 22:25 mark.) Part of the approved resolution includes that during June, BISD will raise the Progress Pride flag on district flagpoles. 
In addition, BISD created this webpage focused on inclusivity and the Board Policies that help shape our work as well as resources.