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Happy 2023! - A message from Superintendent Peter Bang-Knudsen

Happy 2023! 
The change in the calendar year is always a time for reflection. And when I reflect on the past three years, I am in awe of where we have been. 

Three years ago, COVID hadn’t yet been detected in our country (the first detection was on Jan. 20, 2020). In early 2020, BISD was humming along, doing what we do best — educating our students. And then BAM! COVID caused the world to halt abruptly. 

BISD quickly adapted to the unprecedented change in the educational landscape and continued to provide our students with an enriching learning environment — albeit in novel and unexpected ways. As we toiled through the many iterations of learning (fully remote, hybrid, etc.), additional work connected to our core mission continued. This parallel work was rooted in the optimism that one day we would be on the other side of the pandemic and allowed us to create a new District Improvement Plan, update our mission statement and adopt new policies to keep BISD moving forward. 

The past three years challenged BISD and tested our limits. And simultaneously, by keeping our eyes on the future, BISD planted seeds of hope. I will forever be grateful for the resilience of BISD students, staff and families and their determination to plow ahead. The seeds planted during COVID are now blooming, providing BISD vitality and reinforcing our unwavering commitment to our students. I look forward to seeing our schools flourish and strengthen under this newfound hope. 

All the best,
Peter Bang-Knudsen
BISD Superintendent