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BISD is exploring options to rename Wilkes Elementary.

BISD is exploring options to rename Wilkes Elementary.
As discussed at the Sept. 29, 2022, School Board meeting, BISD is in the process of looking to rename the school to better align with BISD's mission and belief statements. Policy 6970 & Procedure 6970 outline the naming process, including the following criteria:
  • The name will be known and be significant to the people of Bainbridge Island. 
  • The name will not be in conflict with the name of other schools in the district or surrounding districts. 
  • The name may be of community, regional, state, or national significance
  • The name may relate to a person or persons of historical significance, unique social contribution, or special relationship to the local community. 
  • The name may be a special place or name of historical geographic, cultural, or community significance.
  • The use of names of living persons shall be avoided. 
To share your suggestions with the Renaming Committee, please submit them via this form