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Welcome New Teachers


New Teachers

Join us in giving a warm welcome to this group of new teachers for the 2022-23 school year —- some of them are brand new to the profession or are new to BISD, while others are returning to the classroom after exploring different career paths. They are brimming with excitement for the new school year! 


From the left, starting at the bottom row:

Randy Komatsu - Ordway, Lia Swanson - Commodore, BHS & WMS; Lee Pruett, Wilkes & WMS

Aline Bradley - Adult Living Program, Carrie Sellers - Blakely, Meghan Shaffer - Ordway & Blakely, Michelle Byron - Blakely, Nicole Highlander - Sakai, Kim Kooistra - WMS

Joey Spitz - WMS, Joely Stodden - WMS & EHHS, Emily Saling - Blakely, Amanda Bailey - Commodore, Kerry Daugherty - WMS, Vann Berryman - BHS

Tiffiny Reiquam - EHHS, Megan Parker - Wilkes, Christina Tibbais - Wilkes, Annie Sitzenstock - Blakely, Tom Woolf - WMS

Jenna Ebersviller - BHS, Julia Walle Talbot - Mosaic, Sandy Halbert - BHS, Jim Corsetti - BHS, Kourtney Maka - Wilkes 

 Not pictured: Barbara Boulware - WMS, Hazel DeWitt - Odyssey