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ABC Process for 2022-23 School Year

It’s time!  Our Annual Back to school Check-in process (ABC) is now open and is available by logging in to your Family Access account. Look in the left menu and choose: ABC 22-23 to move through the steps to complete this process ASAP.

It should take about 15 minutes (or less!) to complete the process for each child in your household.

This data collection allows BISD to gather information regarding your students’ plans for the upcoming year. Having an accurate understanding of the number of expected students helps us determine staffing needs, class size and building capacity to better serve our students. In addition to this valuable information, it allows BISD to fulfill its annual notification requirements for public schools in Washington state.

The ABC 22-23 process must be completed for ALL students in the district whether they are brand new to the district or returning. If your student will be enrolled in Running Start, the process must be completed for them as well.

If you know your student will not attend BISD in the fall, please let us know by contacting the school office, or by sending an email to: with your educational plan so that we may adjust our records accordingly. 

*NOTE: For students with more than one family, ONLY the Primary Family will have access to complete the ABC’s.

Guardians of Non-Primary Families will have “read-only” access. If this is a hardship for your family, please contact the school office for guidance, or send an email to

All families have the ability to make changes to their specific demographic information at any time via Family Access>Student Info>Change Requests link (in the top right corner).

  • Use a desktop or laptop computer (if trying to use a mobile device, open up a browser and login to Family Access directly. Or, depending on your device you may be able to choose the “Desktop” version of the mobile app for this purpose).
  • Use the “View Full Screen” buttons when available.
  • Each step has a “Complete Step and Move to….” button. You must click that on each step to mark it as complete.
  • Optional steps: PTSO and Bainbridge Schools Foundation steps are there as informational only.  Donations are appreciated, but NOT required!
  • IF you make a change request that needs to be approved by the district you can still Complete the Step and move on to the next step.  
  • If you think you have completed the process, but it is not showing as complete, look in the right column menu and look for the step(s) that do not have a check mark next to them.  Click the link and you’ll either need to sign and date and/or merely click the “complete step” button….then Submit.
  • The LAST step – takes 2 clicks. “Complete ABC 20-21” followed by “Submit ABC 20-21”. As soon as you “Submit” you will get a notice and email that the process has been completed.
  • Forgot or did not receive your Skyward username and/or password? Go to the BISD website>Popular Links>Family Access – use the Forgot Password link. As long as your email address is the same as what we have in our system, this should work.  Check your spam if you don’t see the re-set email in your inbox.
If you need assistance or believe you have already completed the ABC’s, please contact us at: