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BISD STRONG Awards handed out for Winter 2022

Bainbridge Island School District announces its BISD STRONG Award Winners for Winter 2022

Bainbridge Island School District recently awarded ten winners of the BISD STRONG Award for Winter 2022. The award is given to those in the district who honor the district’s guiding principle of STRONG MINDS, STRONG HEARTS and contribute to a STRONG COMMUNITY. 

The final nomination period for the 2021-22 school year closes on May 16, 2022.  It only takes a few moments to fill out the nomination form and all nominees receive a certificate and a letter outlining highlights from the nominations. Those selected for the BISD STRONG Award will be surprised in the classroom or BISD department and receive a commemorative glass award. Information:



ERIN SHEEHAN - Blakely 1st Grade Teacher 

  • Erin goes above and beyond as a co-worker, friend and teacher. She goes out of her way to help others; she is a friend to all
  • She is a staff leader, always volunteering to take on tough jobs that make a difference in our school and community. 
  • Erin is a resource to parents, students and her co-workers. We all seek her expertise and judgment. Erin helps people grow without making them feel like they had any deficits. It's pretty remarkable.
  • Erin is a game-changer. She reflects constantly on her teaching and the changing world and researches resources to inspire others to do the same. She truly exhibits "Know better, do better."
  • Words used to describe you include: friend to all, thoughtful, smart, kind, encouraging, funny, helpful, creative, giving, gracious, problem solver, innovative, intuitive, resourceful and treasured 

AVERIE DE GUZMAN- Woodward Middle School, 8th Grade Student

  • Averie is a consistent force of good at Woodward. She goes above and beyond her role in our ASB to make sure that every need at Woodward is covered.
  • Averie has it all covered — whether a teacher needs help making copies, or a student needs a chaperone to the office when they are not feeling well, if she senses someone needs a pick-me-up note, she is the queen of organization and checking those boxes that keep our ship afloat.
  • Words used to describe you include: optimistic, ready to accept challenges, organized, forward-thinking, mature, kind, thoughtful.

MEG EVANS- Ordway Special Education

  • Since working with Meg, we have seen such amazing growth in our child's academic ability and self-confidence
  • Meg has a strong heart because she deeply cares about her work with the children and really sees the child for who they are as individuals.
  • She helps create strong minds because she supports the children she works with to achieve successful goals and builds their belief in the ability to do challenging things.  
  • Meg builds deep connections with the children she works with. When children feel that they have support, they build the self-confidence necessary to flourish.  When a collective of individuals feels supported and loved the whole community thrives. I have no doubt that the lasting impact of Meg's work with children, will have benefits that help not only our small community but the world.
  • Words used to describe you include: patient, observant, leader, compassionate and passionate

LAUREN MELVIN - Ordway 3rd Grade Teacher

  • Lauren is an outstanding teacher who cares deeply for all her students.
  • Lauren strives to meet the individual needs of each of her students. Her follow-through with suggested strategies is phenomenal! 
  • She genuinely cares that her students do well and that they each have every opportunity to succeed.
  • Words used to describe you include: dedicated, conscientious, caring, committed, motivated

AMY HART- Woodward Middle School, 8th Grade Student

  • Amy is strong and resilient and supportive of peers and the Woodward community. 
  • Amy comes to school every day happy to be here interacting with friends and staff.  She has been a great Office TA.  She greets students and staff enthusiastically.  She has strong leadership skills.
  • Words used to describe you include: honest, a loyal friend, a good role model 

DANI STOEHR- Woodward Middle School Building Technology Support

  • Dani is an excellent technology leader at our school.  She is always willing to help staff during a crisis or in a long-term project. She is a great think partner.  We are so fortunate to have her.
  • She will run to our rescue for the smallest question or the biggest project. She will answer our pleas for help in the evening and even during the weekends.
  • WMS would be lost without her. 
  • Words used to describe you include: brilliant, kind, considerate, passionate, funny, dedicated

EMILY SALING - Wilkes 2nd Grade Teacher

  • Emily has gone out of her way to make my daughter have a successful year.  Emily takes time to connect and love her students.  She works with them individually and meets them where they need it the most.  
  • I am in complete awe of Emily's professionalism, passion, hard work, and knowledge as an educator.
  • Emily has built a strong community in her classroom and has made my child feel like she is part of something special.
  • Emily has a heart and passion for teaching.
  • Words used to describe you include: kind, passionate, goes above and beyond, knowledgeable, adaptable, considerate, and diligent  

KELLY SPITZ - BISD District Office

  • Kelly’s upbeat and positive attitude is contagious, making him a joy to have as a colleague and friend. 
  • Kelly is a wonderful teammate and friend. He is quick to ask, “How can I help?” and always follows through on tasks he commits to doing.
  • Kelly always goes above and beyond to provide exemplary customer service and application/front desk support. He will take the time to walk potential employees through the application process step by step, and makes every person he interacts with feel welcome. 
  • Kelly takes pride in the work he does and is a great representation of what BISD is about. We are lucky to have him!!
  • Kelly is very process-oriented and strives to make sure we are consistent in our processes and treat every person who walks through the door or is employed by us equally. He is fair-minded and is quick to see the strengths of others.
  • Words used to describe you include: kind, thoughtful, gracious, wicked smart, funny, caring, fair, honest, diplomatic, good communicator, detail-oriented, team-player, professional, responsible, dependable, trustworthy, multi-tasker

KYUNG SOOK CHO - Bainbridge High School, Food Service 

  • Kyung Sook is new to the district food service department this year and has demonstrated remarkable dedication and commitment to serving students and supporting her colleagues.
  • Kyung Sook has volunteered to come in early/stay late nearly every day this year.  She always interacts with students in a helpful, sincere manner, explaining some of the nuances of the meal program to students and ensuring they have a positive interaction at lunchtime. 
  • Kyung Sook has worked at other schools in the district when the department has been short-staffed and demonstrates caring and teamwork at each school she visits.
  • Words used to describe you include: caring, focused on doing great work, focused on quality student interactions, supportive of her food service team, super nice

JENNY DOXTATER - Transportation

  • My 5th-grade daughter regularly comments to me how nice Jenny is and tonight, I found a note that she wrote about Jenny as part of her gratitude practice — it simply read, “I’m grateful for my bus driver.” I’d like to recognize Jenny for her positive attitude and helping her riders open and close their school days with the warmth and kindness that she regularly shows them.
  • Jenny sets the tone of the day for students and within the few minutes of her bus ride, she tries to make it a positive one.
  • Said my daughter, “The morning bus ride with Jenny makes me feel relaxed and ready for the day ahead. She is so nice. I hope she is always my bus driver until I graduate!”
  • Words used to describe you include: understanding, kind, respectful and always greets riders by name