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Update on how BISD communicates COVID-Positive cases

Kitsap Public Health District has updated its guidance regarding communication of COVID-19 positive cases in our school district.
We are now able to share when there is a positive individual in the same classroom, involved in the same activity or athletic team, or on the same bus as your child. 

A few important things to note:
  • BISD will continue to send a general notification to the impacted school community
  • ACTION NEEDED: In order to receive notifications for transportation (K-12) and activities (9-12), parents must opt-in by completing the appropriate forms below.
    Bus Riders K-12 Data Collecting Form
    Activities (9-12) Data Collecting Form
  • If your child was in class, rode the bus, and was involved in the same extracurricular activity, you will receive a total of 4 notifications (3 targeted notifications plus one general notification) regarding the one case. We apologize in advance for the redundant communications but we are limited to what our communications systems can handle.