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WMS 7th graders share their tributes to frontline workers.



Students in Julee Longridge's 7th grade Language Arts class read and watched "The Hill We Climb" by Amanda Gorman (which she performed at the presidential inauguration earlier this year). 

As an assignment, students were to draw connections between the moment in history, the poet's messages, and their own lives. In response, students were to write tributes either in poetry or prose. The tributes were to show their feelings through examples and descriptions of why they chose to honor that topic and to include either a simile or a metaphor. These students chose essential frontline workers during the pandemic.

These moving tributes provide a glimpse of what the students have noticed and appreciated during the pandemic. What insightful and empathetic students!

(Click on their names to view a video of them reading their work.)

Clarice Telschow

Brody McCallum

Andrew Domansky

Paige Murphy

Madeline Nelson

Alex Marinkovich

Daniel Camacho

Slate Tan-Pando

Sota Inoue

Anna Walton