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It's OK to not be OK

During this time of unprecedented stress, many of us are experiencing normal reactions to a highly abnormal situation. 

Never before have we experienced an ongoing pandemic (we are in our ninth month now), economic insecurities, racial and equity experiences/awareness of historic and ongoing injustices, political division and much more. The experiences of ongoing stress and trauma affecting our brain, our body and our functioning can result in the following symptoms:
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Depression, fatigue and lack of motivation
  • Workplace burnout and lack of purpose
  • Memory problems: Difficulty concentrating, organizing,  planning and recalling
  • Heighten emotions and reactions

A great tool for managing these symptoms and building healthy coping habits is the Behavioral Health Toolbox for Families created by the Washington State Department of Health. Practicing self-care and healthy mental health practices are more important than ever. If you are experiencing any of these warning signs or need extra help getting through these challenging times, please visit our website for counseling & crisis resources.