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BISD Construction Update

Our team at Capital Projects have been busy bees this summer, tackling construction projects at Blakely and Bainbridge High School. 

    • BLAKELY: The finish-line is in sight! The new Blakely Elementary will open to students on Monday, Sept. 9. As a reminder, completing the building was Phase I of the project. Phase II includes constructing he play areas and fields, parking lots and landscaping. The entire project should be wrapped up by November 2019. 
    • Teachers are setting up classrooms in new spaces remodeled in the BHS 300 building. The bright and light-filled classrooms have flexible areas for break-out learning opportunities, a modern kitchen and appropriate spaces for occupational and physical therapies.  
    • The BHS 100 Building demolition was supposed to happen earlier this summer.  However, the construction crew is working on unforeseen challenges that need to be addressed before the building is taken down. Underground utilities were discovered that were not included in the decades-old 100 Building drawings used as a reference. These utilities need to be re-routed prior to demolition. Meanwhile, crews have completed asbestos abatement and building salvage. 
    • Demolition of the 100 Building is currently scheduled within the next couple of weeks. While we had hoped to accomplish this while students were on summer break, we will adhere to required safety practices during demolition. Note: When the original 200 Building was constructed in 2008 we worked through a similar process as students were on-site.
    • The construction areas are fenced and clearly marked. As a reminder under no circumstances should anyone enter these areas.