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Sakai students develop passions for charities

You may have heard of Passion Projects — a topic that you study because you already have an interest in the subject. But have you heard of Compassion Projects? In Megan Watson’s 6th grade class, she’s taken the idea of passion projects and added empathy and charitable acts to create Compassion Projects.

Students selected charities of their choice, studied and wrote reports on the charities and created visual display boards on their topics.  

“It really allows kids to empathize with hardships that other humans, animals, and our environment may be experiencing,” said Watson.

The results are passionate students who speak eloquently and thoughtfully about their chosen charities. What a great way to learn research, writing and presentation skills, all the while of thinking of the needs of others.


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Compassion Project    Compassion Project    Compassion Project

Compassion Project    Compassion Project