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Odyssey seventh grader Isaac Ziemba awarded the Powerful Voice Winner by YES! Magazine

Isaac Ziemba was one of eight students from across the country who won the What Matters Most in Life writing competition sponsored by YES! Magazine. Isaac’s essay focused the similarities he shares with with Glen Tyrell, retired Washington state trooper and current BISD Small Works & Facilities Coordinator. In his essay, Isaac wrote:

I learned many things about Glen and what’s important in life, but there is one thing that stands out—something Glen always does and does well. Glen helps people. He did it as a state trooper, and he does it in our school, where he works on construction projects. Glen told me that he believes that our most powerful tools are writing and listening to others. I think those tools are important, too, but I also believe there are other tools to help solve many of our problems and create a better future: to be compassionate, to create caring relationships, and to help others. Just like Glen Tyrell does each and every day.

Congratulations to Isaac on his award-winning essay. And, congratulations to Glen for being the subject of the essay. You can read the complete essay here: