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Sakai students won the plastic challenge!

On Earth Day, it was announced that Sakai students won the Trex Plastic Challenge!

  • Sakai students collected more than 5,000 pounds of plastic film -- collected 3,000 more pounds than the 2nd place school
  • Keep up these great recycling efforts! Safeway, Town & Country and Central Market all have on-site collection bins. Even if the bin says "bags", they will accept the following types of plastic film:


Clean & Dry…

Plastic grocery bags

Bread bags         

Produce bags

Zip lock bags *

Ice bags

Bubble wrap

Shipping pillows (popped)

Plastic mailers **

Wrapping paper tube plastic

Furniture & electronic wrap      

Case/Bulk item overwrap           

Cereal/Cracker box liners

Wood pellet bags

Dry cleaning bags

Pallet wrap

Newspaper/Magazine sleeves

Garbage bags


* If the zip lock bag has a hard plastic slide piece, please remove it before recycling.

** Address stickers may be left on plastic mailers.