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Sakai students want your plastic!

Sakai students are taking part in the National Trex Recycling Program and so far, have collected more than 1,500 pounds of plastic. The contest runs through April 15, 2019 so there is still time to gather even more  --- and keep plastic out of our landfills! If they win, Sakai will receive a plastic bench made out of 10,000 plastic bags!

Collection bins are located near the east Sakai parking lot, near the double doors. 

Plastic film accepted:
Plastic grocery bags                       
Ice bags              
Bread bags                                      
Wood pellet bags
Produce bags                                 
Dry cleaning bags
Bubble wrap                                    
Pallet wrap
Shipping pillows (popped)              
Newspaper sleeves                   
Wrapping paper tube plastic           
Magazine sleeves
Plastic mailing envelopes              
Garbage bags (unused)  
Furniture & electronic wrap           
Chuicken feed bags (without webbing)
Case overwrap (around bulk items like paper towels)
Cereal box liner bags (these are chemically congruent with Trex processing)
Ziplock/Resealable bags (NOT frozen food bags or cheese hags)        
Plastic film NOT accepted:
Saran Wrap
Frozen food bags
Chip bags
Pre-washed salad mix bags
Snack cheese wrappers
Comforter/linen bags 
Cheese bags (e.g: Tillamook resealable bags, Lego bags)
Candy bar wrappers
Six pack rings
Degradable/compostable bags
Hard plastic (e.g. water bottles)
Does the plastic film stretch? Is it hard to tear? Like a plastic produce bag?  If so, Trex accepts it.  
Is the plastic shiny? Crinkly? Easy to tear leaving a clean line?  Like plastic bags that hold Lego pieces or paper ream wrap? If so, Trex does NOT accept it.