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Curiosity sparks were flying at Wilkes Elementary

Owners of Bainbridge Bakers engage students with questions about different cookies   Ferry boat captain   self-portraits of future career options   
Capping off their school-wide unit on curiosity, Wilkes students explored different career options. 
Curiosity sparks were flying at Wilkes Elementary, as students rotated through different career presentations. Among 14 presenters were a veterinarian, pediatrician, members of the fire and police departments, an anthropologist, a master gardener, a welder and even a ferry boat captain. 
Students asked questions like "What are you still curious about in your career?" and "What interests did you have when you were in elementary school that led to the career you have now?"
Walt Disney said, "Curiosity keeps leading us down new paths" and who knows? – maybe in 2038, Wilkes students will return and share that they were inspired to become a baker, geologist or engineer after attending career day in 2018!