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Lunchroom News

Yogurt parfaits are now served in glasses   

Clink-clink! There is a new sound this school year in some of our lunchrooms — the distinct sound of metal silverware clinking against porcelain salad bowls or glass yogurt parfait containers. Thanks to a joint effort of the district’s Environmental Sustainability Committee, Food Services Department and Sustainable Bainbridge (who covered most of the cost of the new silverware, glasses and porcelain bowls), BISD is piloting a number of new practices to reduce lunchtime waste.

“It is really encouraging for food services to support and work collaboratively and creatively with these groups to address issues and opportunities,” said Eric Boutin, Food Services Supervisor.

New this year:

  • Using metal (reusable) cutlery at Commodore Options School and Woodward Middle School (as opposed to plastic cutlery)  
  • Using compostable paper clamshells for staff meals in the elementary schools (as opposed to non-recyclable plastic)  
  • Using reusable china bowls for specials and chef salads for students and staff at WMS and BHS  (as opposed to non-recyclable plastic)
  • Using clear and reusable glass for yogurt parfaits at WMS and BHS

Going forward, Food Services will continue to look for opportunities. Said Boutin, “These changes support reduced waste and they also make eating and dining more appealing - we think food looks better and tastes better on ‘real’ dishes and we’re proud to support student nutrition while modeling best practices!”