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Recognizing those who go above and beyond in BISD

The BISD STRONG Awards were handed out for the spring quarter and oh were the recipients surprised! Read below to learn who won and what the nominators had to say about them.



BISD STRONG Award: Sofia Fleischmann

Sofia Fleischmann (Sakai):

  • Each week, Sofia enthusiastically volunteers to help her fellow classmates.
  • Sofia represents BISD Strong and embodies strong heart and strong community. She has a strong heart because she freely shares her time with her fellow classmates. She also helps build a strong community by including students of all abilities in typical social interactions and helps everyone feel a part of the school  community
  • Words used to describe Sofia include caring, reliable, engaging, cheerful, unselfish, and kind


BISD STRONG: Nelson Wynne

Nelson  Wynne (Sakai):

  • Nelson is very joyful to be around
  • He is a hard worker and determined
  • He lifts up the spirits of his classmates, is smart and is well-liked by the entire class
  • Words used to describe Nelson include amazing, strong, resourceful, helpful


BISD STRONG: Devon Biddle

Devon Biddle (Odyssey)

  • Devon is very strong, has an open heart and is the most caring and loving person I know
  • She is very helpful and always willing to help others
  • Devon is a great person and is always making new friends
  • She is the best and funniest person on Earth!
  • Words used to describe you include brave, determined, kind, loving, forgiving, helpful, funny, smart, easy to be around, caring, amazing, outstanding, awesome


BISD STRONG: Mallory McMullen

Mallory McMullen (Woodward):

  • Mallory is a very special student. She is kind and accepting of everyone, with a particularly courageous ability to stand up for anyone being mistreated
  • She wears clothes that bring her joy and her changing hair colors also represent her love of diversity
  • Mallory does very well in school. She is a creative and quick learner, and she always says hello to her teachers in the hall
  • Wrote your teacher, “I look to Mallory as a role model for our students, as well as myself, and feel honored to be her teacher.”
  • Words used to describe you include kind, smart, strong

BISD STRONG: Ava Targett

Ava Targett (Woodward):

  • Ava demonstrates leadership, kindness, academic excellence, compassion, and motivation
  • Ava is an amazing student and as an 8th grader is taking AP Chinese
  • She is one of our ASB Executive Board members and models leadership with her involvement in school functions, planning, running ASB meetings, interacting with staff and students, and in trying to connect with students that are new and don't have many friends and those that may eat alone at lunch
  • She is outgoing, personable and an excellent communicator
  • She's going to lead the country one day. Wait and see!
  • Words used to describe you include kind, smart, motivated, empathetic, knowledgeable, hardworking, happy, generous

BISD STRONG: Marie Kingome

Marie Djemondo Kingombe (Bainbridge High School)

  • When I think about a student who consistently works hard and who is genuinely grateful for their education, Marie stands out above the rest
  • Marie and her family moved to the United States from the Republic of Congo when she was 12 years old. Her father left her mom and six siblings when Marie was only five years old. He moved to the U.S. to find work to help support the family and to build a better, safer life. Marie and her family did not see their dad until they moved almost six years later to south Seattle. Marie did not know English whatsoever and quickly had to navigate middle school as best as she could without being able to communicate effectively (English is her fourth language). The family eventually moved to Bainbridge Island, which was a culture shock on multiple levels. In a primarily white school district where there are very few ELL students, Marie has had to work much harder academically and socially than most. Despite this, she has chosen to take classes that challenge her.
  • Marie has dealt with language and cultural challenges on a daily basis. Rather than let this defeat her, she has instead used this to fuel her. Her self-advocacy skills and desire to learn are remarkable. She is truly grateful for her education, the unconditional support of staff members, and the community for helping her and her family. Her overall zest for life is remarkable and contagious.
  • Marie is someone who is nice to everyone. She works hard to make sure new students feel included and welcome. She has a strong heart and strong mind because despite the challenges that have been thrown at her, she ALWAYS has a positive attitude, a smile on her face, and continues to work hard to achieve her goals
  • Words used to describe Marie include compassionate, loving, kind, welcoming, leader, positive



BISD STRONG: Lani Chaffee

Lani Chaffee (District Office)

  • Lani is very committed in making the district a professional, yet accessible environment for everyone
  • Lani is exceptionally organized and always seems to go the extra mile in making sure the job is done right. She manages to be both friendly and professional at the same time
  • She seems to keep an eye out for the community, the board and has a gift for making each person feel seen and heard
  • She is always accessible and focused
  • Words used to describe Lani include committed, conscientious, caring and intelligent

BISD STRONG: Dane Fenwick

Dane Fenwick (Facilities Management and Custodial Supervisor)

  • Dane has a strong work ethic and a strong commitment to improving our district
  • Dane looks for ways to go the extra mile. He takes great pride in his work and teaches those he supervises to do the same
  • He is very solution-oriented
  • He frequently expresses that he enjoys his work and serving the district
  • Words used to describe Dane include willing and dedicated

BISD STRONG: Kaleb Anderson

Kaleb Anderson (Bainbridge High School Teacher)

  • Kaleb’s commitment to our students is outstanding
  • He has built a community within the classroom where students have fun, love their school, love their teacher and love their peers. This is done while also building independence and dignity
  • In the classroom and on his own time, Kaleb sets up athletic teams and coaches them so they can be part of an athletic experience. Students are experiencing the joy of competitiveness. Now my child comes home and says “PE was so fun today!”
  • Words used to describe Kaleb include thoughtful, enthusiastic for student success, problem-solver, vested


Congratulations to all the BISD STRONG Award winners! We are now accepting applications for the final quarter of the BISD STRONG Awards. Nominate students and staff that you believe are making a difference by clicking here: