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BISD STRONG Award recipients announced.

 Lois Walter (center) with Peter Bang-Knudsen and Ordway Principal Melinda Reynvaan   Peter Bang-Knudsen shakes the hand of award recipient Joseph Hughes   Tiffany Kelly listens as Peter Bang-Knudsen reads her nomination.

From left to right: Lois Walter (center) with Peter Bang-Knudsen and Ordway Principal Melinda Reynvaan; Peter Bang-Knudsen shakes the hand of award recipient Joseph Hughes; Tiffany Kelly listens as Peter Bang-Knudsen reads her nomination.  

Oh, happy day! BISD STRONG Award recipients were recently honored by a surprise visit by the superintendent. 
The BISD STRONG Award aims to recognize and celebrate the many individuals who make our district strong and have strong minds, strong hearts and a strong sense of community.
Here is the list of the Fall 2017 BISD STRONG Award winners and highlights from their nominations:
Kindergarten through 6th-grade Category:
  • Farrah Colby (2nd grade): Farrah is a kind and compassionate classmate. She is a problem-solver that is willing to stand up to any form of injustice at school. Farrah will be a friend to anyone that needs one.
  • Carly Hart (6th grade): Carly is compassionate, hard-working and empathetic. Her determination is inspirational. 
  • Joseph Hughes (4th grade): Joseph is a deep thinking, kind, and family oriented individual, with a world awareness based on history.

7th-grade to 12th-grade Category:
  • Alex Miller (8th grade): Alex is fun to watch in Cross Country and often leads the pack from start to finish. But what is truly inspiring about Alex is after he finishes the race he stays at the finish line to give his Woodward teammates high fives and compliments. While many exhausted finishers stagger to the team area to get re-hydrated and get some well-deserved food, Alex waits at the finish line and ensures that every single teammate is recognized.
  • Ethan Soltanzadeh (11th grade): Ethan is a leader in the BHS community, both publicly and behind the scenes. He is a quiet supporter to struggling students and exhibits true character in interactions with all staff and students. Ethan is unique in his individuality and thoughtfulness.
  • Erin Weiss (8th grade): Erin is an incredible leader, hard worker, always steps up to help others and has a great attitude. She is friendly, talks to new students, is polite to everyone and is an example to others.

BISD Staff Category:
  • Tiffany Kelly (Transportation): Tiffany greets each student by name and takes care of individual students' needs (such as nervous bus riders). She has become part of our "team" and our family and we know the kids are in a safe place [on her bus] every morning and afternoon. 
  • Shirley Rice (Food Services): Shirley consistently demonstrates an exceptional commitment to going the extra mile to ensure the very best for students. She works hard to ensure students throughout the district have access to fresh, nutritious foods and greets and interacts with students in a positive, friendly, supporting manner.
  • Lois Walter (Ordway teacher): Lois has a warm and caring heart, a bright and engaging style of teaching and is kind and respectful to those around her. She is patient, joyful, diligent and caring. 
Who do you know with a strong mind, strong heart and a strong sense of community? Now's the chance to nominate them for the Winter BISD STRONG Awards. Click here to submit your nomination.